Thursday we did a little more vacationing – we went to the Golden Spike monument at Promontory Point near Brigham City. Rosemary, Jeanne, and I had not been there, neither had some of the other people who went with this (Scott, Shalynn, Gary, and Debi). We didn’t know it when we planned the trip, but they have some replicas of the original steam engines that are shown in the famous golden spike pictures that they bring onto the site of where the golden spike was driven. It was pretty cool. We saw the steam engines and the location where the spikes were driven, then watched a few movies before heading out. We didn’t spend very long there, just a few hours. We then went out to lunch with my mom before stopping at my sister Wendy’s new house in Ogden. It’s a cute little house; they’ve done a lot of work on it.

I made the same cashew chicken dish that night for my mom (I bought enough to make two batches but only made one on Tuesday night). Everyone seemed to like it. I spent most of the night helping my mom with computer stuff – she’s really getting into digital photography.

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