So, the research study (phase 1 of 4) is wrapping up and now they’re doing their tests on me (16 days of eating meat down, 2 to go). I went into the hospital this morning at 8:00 to have a tube stuck up through my nose and into my stomach. Once it was in – not a pleasant experience mind you, I gagged several times – they then administered some medication that releases all of your bile acid into your stomach. They then collect about 20 milliliters of it, draining it slowly out into a beaker via the tube in your nose. It takes about 30 minutes for it to drain. Interestingly, it’s gold-colored. They said sometimes its green, but mine wasn’t – just gold. Once they drain all the bile acid they can get, they pull out the tube (I gagged again), pull out the IV, and off you go.

I could have gotten sedation (it’s supposedly like being high), but I wanted to drive home afterward, which you can’t do when sedated (surprise, surprise). So, I went ahead without it. Very weird experience. Friday I go back in for some additional testing. If I do the three additional phases of the experiment, I’ll get to do this three more times! Woohoo! My nose still feels weird, as does my throat. But, come Friday, I can eat whatever I want – finally! Not being able to eat what I want has been the hardest part, hands down!

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