We saw Cincinnati Ballet’s production of Giselle yesterday. As is typical with the Cincinnati Ballet, the production was very professional. Giselle holds a special place for Debi and I in that it was the first ballet we ever danced together and we danced it while getting to know each other. This is the first time either of us had seen it performed. We also got a special deal on our tickets and ended up with a box seat. I’ve always wanted a box seat at the ballet;I thought they were so cool. Well, they’re not “sooo” cool – we couldn’t see about 1/8 of the stage and missed some significant elements of the ballet as a result. Oh well, now I know that boxes at the theater aren’t all that!

We also played poker last night at a professor’s house – Debi was the big winner of the night, making $8.00 by the time we called it quits. It’s a good thing, too, ’cause I lost all of my $5.00 buy-in. Thanks to Debi we made $3.00 on the night.

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