I’ve been very busy lately, too busy to even post here. I was trying to finish a round of revisions on my dissertation while also preparing for two new classes and applying for jobs. I just turned in the latest round of revisions on my dissertation, so I’m taking a short breather before starting in on all the other projects I have.

What have we been up to? Mostly work… But we also went ballroom dancing on New Year’s Eve at the Copacabanna and last weekend went to the Southgate House to see Pike27 play (may be the last time I get to see Dave Purcell and his band rocking, so I had to go). They are a great band, though I have to admit I like their softer stuff more than the harder rock (my folk roots, I guess).

Other than that, not much. I’ve added a few fun widgets to the blog. I have my new Meez avatar that I think is a pretty accurate representation of my state of mind over the last few weeks – me, completely spaced out, typing on my computer. I also added a nifty little widget that will let visitors to the blog chat with me in real time if I’m online. Though, you actually have to visit the blog’s main page to use it – doesn’t work through RSS feeds.

I also cleaned out the 2005 posts from the blog. I’m keeping just one year up. I left a couple of the stories that have received a lot of hits: my debunking of Ionithermie and my discussion of Laurence Britt’s ideas about fascism – they are the two oldest links on the blog and received a lot of hits. I’ll probably eventually convert them to pages and turn off the comments feature, but I’m leaving them up for now.

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