Toren has a new bike

We found a two-wheel bike for Toren on Craig’s List for $10 (plus helmet).  It has training wheels.  Toren took to it like it was old news.  I have some video of him riding the bike the first time that I’ll post soon.

I had to get a new bike rack for my car since my old one doesn’t work on the new Prius.  With that in place, I took him out for his first big ride on Sunday on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail.  Here’s our route:

I was actually impressed with how well he did.  We rode about 3.2 miles over about 1 1/2 hours.  He did stop to pick flowers three or four times, and on the way back I had to coax him to continue by promising him an ice cream cone at McDonald’s, but he did pretty good.

(Hat tip to Scott Husband for recommending the trail.  It’s a beautiful trail, wide, and well-maintained.)

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