DE-Ebright Azimuth

Summit Date

March 5th, 2011; around 1:00pm


Ryan Cragun (+ some random guy who was sitting on a bench and all the people who were driving past at the time)

Trip Report

I drove down to Ebright Azimuth from High Point, NJ, which I had visited earlier that day.  This highpoint is, quite literally, one you drive over.  The highpoint sign is at one edge of a park, with no other indicator of a highpoint.  When I parked nearby and walked toward the sign, there was a guy sitting on a bench right next to the marker with his dog.  I struck up a conversation and asked him if a lot of people stopped by here.  He laughed and said, “Yeah.  A lot of people drive up, snap a picture, then leave.  I have no idea why.”  I explained that they were likely highpointers.  He laughed and made a joke about how there wasn’t much to see here.  He walked his dog to the highpoint almost everyday. I then snapped a picture and left. 😉

here’s a view of the highpoint from across the street; and the guy with his dog
me by the highpoint sign


Directions from Philadelphia, PA

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