IN-Hoosier Hill

Summit Date

July 11, 2002, around 3:30 pm


Ryan Cragun

Trip Report

I was coming from Ohio’s Campbell Hill. I took US 36 from Ohio to Indiana. The route wasn’t very fast. It may actually be faster to take I-70, even though you would have to travel quite a bit further. The directions I had, said that the high point was on County Line Road. I didn’t see the high point. Rather than drive around for a while, I stopped in Arba, Indiana (it isn’t really a city per say, but more like a group of houses) to ask for directions. They told me to head south on Arba Rd. until I saw a sign directing me to the high point. There is a sign on Arba Rd. giving directions.

From the sign, it was just a couple more minutes to the highpoint. While I was there, a van of older people (it was a group from an old folks home) stopped by. They were upset that they couldn’t walk to the highpoint because they were unable to cross the fence. So, the nurse and driver climbed over the fence and took the registry to the van to let them sign it. I snapped a few pictures, signed the registry and headed out – I was trying to make Charles Mound in Illinois that same day.



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