KS-Mount Sunflower

Summit Date

July 17, 2002, around 5:30 pm


Ryan Cragun

Trip Report

I made it to this highpoint after Nebraska’s Panorama Point. My map program had given me a couple of routes to get there, but I ended up taking another one altogether. That route is illustrated below. Unlike Nebraska’s high point, this highpoint is well marked with signs along the route. It is also hard to miss the giant sunflower sculpture in the middle of a barely noticeable hill. The marker is in the middle of a field and one can drive right up to the highpoint. Even though I was still a bit upset about my horrible experience in Nebraska, I took the time to film a groundhog playing near the monument. The view is pretty nice, though you can’t really see forever because everything is so flat. I visited Missouri’s highpoint, Taum Sauk, the next day.



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