NJ-High Point

Summit Date

March 5th, 2011; around 8:00 am


Ryan Cragun

Trip Report

I drove from Hartford, CT to the highpoint.  For some reason I thought highpoints in New England would be accessible and not particularly cold in early March.  I was wrong.  High Point was covered in snow and the entire hill was blanketed in fog when I arrived.  It was also bitterly cold – with the wind whipping past it was probably below zero.  It was the coldest I was during my entire trip.  And, of course, the tower on the summit is closed during the winter, so I could only walk around it.  I did so, quickly, snapped a photo and took a panorama, then left.  Here’s a photo of me in front of the fog covered highpoint tower:

me in front of the high point tower


This is a panorama from in front of the entrance to the tower.  It was freezing, the wind was blowing hard, and the fog made it impossible to see anything.  Ergo, not the best panorama ever:


The directions are from Port Jervis, NY, which is just across the state line:

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