LibreOffice – Comments Inserted on the Left rather than the Right

I’m guessing I have discovered a bug in LibreOffice, but I don’t know if that is the case for sure.  Regardless, it’s a problem. Here’s the situation.  I have my students submit all sorts of things to me digitally so Continue reading

Limesurvey: How to Randomly Assign Participants to Different Conditions (i.e., Experimental Designs)

I’ve used LimeSurvey for a long time and really like the software.  It’s powerful, yet very easy to use.  But one thing I couldn’t figure out with the software was how to assign participants to one of several conditions within Continue reading

Linux: How to Change Password at The University of Tampa

Despite sending in feedback to the Information Technology department at my University about the myriad ways they could improve the process of changing passwords, they haven’t made the process much easier.  Since the process is overly cumbersome, not at all Continue reading