Summit Date
July 11, 2002, around 1:30 pm

Ryan Cragun

Trip Report
This was my second high point (King’s Peak in Utah was my first). I had to finish a TA assignment at the University of Cincinnati on the morning of the 11th so I didn’t leave Cincinnati until 11:00 am. I arrived at Campbell Hill around 1:30 pm. I actually ‘climbed’ the hill twice. I forgot my attachment for the bottom of my camera to attach it to the tripod so I could take pictures of myself (not arrogance, just proof).

I must admit that I was a little saddened by the fact that there were two workers on top of the hill working on the roof of one of the buildings that sits atop Campbell Hill. Knowing that people just hang out on the top of this state high point has the tendency to remove the thrill of reaching a high point. Of course, lots of people have been to lots of high points, but to think that these workers likely take no note of the fact that they were on top of the highest point in the state of Ohio has a tendency to reduce the feeling of achievement. The view from the highpoint marker is pretty good, but because of all the buildings that are also on top of the high point, you can’t really see anything but the northern side of the hill. I didn’t take the time to walk to the other side (I would have had to pass the workers which would make their intrusion on this ‘sacred’ locale even more real). So, I snapped a few pictures and made the incredible journey back down to my car, parked in the bus parking area near the cosmetology school.


Here’s a map from Bellefontaine, OH to the highpoint:

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