Summit Date
August 11, 2002 around 12:00 noon

Ryan Cragun and Debi Cragun

Trip Report
This was a very pretty highpoint. We spent the night in L’Anse Michigan after having done Mt. Arvon and Eagle Mountain the previous day. It took us between two and three hours to drive to Timm’s Hill from where we spent the night. The drive into the highpoint is very pretty with very dense foliage and very green undergrowth. When we pulled up into the parking area, which would be ideal for a picnic, there were a couple of other cars there. It may also be fun to stay at the Swiss-looking hotel across the lake; it looked very nice.

The hike to the summit is only about 300 yards and only took us about 5 minutes. We passed a few people on the way and quickly arrived at the top. It claims to be wheelchair accessible, but I’m not exactly sure how that would work since the path is loose gravel and not paved. Perhaps you could take the access road up to the summit, but it doesn’t start from the same place that the trailhead starts.

Anyway, on top of the summit are two towers. We snapped some shots of the two towers then climbed the wooden tower and spent a few minutes looking around and taking pictures. The trees surrounding the towers are now just about at the height of the wooden tower, so we weren’t able to look over all of the trees, or rather, our view was blocked by some of the trees. But, what we could see was very beautiful. We didn’t spend too long on top, perhaps 10 minutes or so, and then walked back down to the car.

There is a place to give donations at the trailhead by the information sign and it seemed that the summit is used for cross country skiing during the winter because there were a lot of signs about that surrounding the area. We still had over 600 miles to drive that day to get back to Cincinnati so Debi could go to work the next day. Off we went. We got home around 2:30 Monday morning. The two hours of traffic backups just north of the Illinois border didn’t help; apparently there were a lot of people out of town this weekend and everyone was trying to get back to Chicago to get to work the next day.

Our first highpointing trip together was over.


Here’s a map from Ogema, WI:

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