I didn’t get an email warning me that it was going to air, but I had set my Tivo to record the Channel 9 News just in case. Turns out that was a smart move… As I scanned through the 5:30 broadcast last night I didn’t see any mention of my interview. But at the very end of his piece, John Matarese mentioned he would be talking about buying factory direct on the 11:00 News. So, I told Tivo to grab that too. Sure enough, I was on the air. I ripped the segment and posted it onto youtube. I’ve now used up a whopping total of 1 minute and 49 seconds of my allotted 15 minutes of fame. Only 13 minutes, 11 seconds left.

3 Replies to “That was fast – I was on TV!”

  1. Well that was a good 1:49. I forgot that you had cut your hair. You look like a little missionary. But you really need to shave, or Jesus might get mad at you.
    Keep up the good fight.

  2. Nice work! Apparently, they cut out the anti-capitalism rant and Marxist diatribes? ;-)

  3. Yeah, Debi now likes my hair, even though just about everyone else liked it long (my mother excluded). I just can’t bring myself to shave anymore – it seems like such a waste of time to shave every day. I figure with a full beard I can keep from shaving for a few days at time (I have to shave my neck a bit, you know, the odd hair…). Shaving sucks.

    As for the anti-capitalism rant, they definitely cut it. That and all the foul language. Too bad, too, because that was the most eloquent part. It was also the part where I stuck it to “the man” and didn’t sound like such a gullible sap… Oh well, TV air time is TV air time I guess… ;) But I still was able to wear my Mozilla Thunderbird shirt – woohoo! Go opensource!

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