Debi’s brother-in-law, Brent, is a pilot for SkyWest Airlines. He called me up Monday to tell me about an incident he had on one of his flights. He had just finished his pre-flight check on a flight to Butte, Montana and was waiting for the passengers to board when he noticed an elderly man being wheeled out to his plane in a wheelchair. As the wheelchair got to the stairs, the man jumped out of the chair in a rather spry manner. Brent thought that was weird, but didn’t think too much of it. Then the man unzipped his carry-on bag and let out a dog. Having never witnessed such a thing, I thought that was weird, but Brent said that is also fairly common. Then the man put the dog on a leash and walked out of his view. I’m no expert on flight regulations and such, but from what Brent said and how he responded, I’m pretty certain that pilots don’t take too kindly to having passengers walk around their plane just before takeoff. Jumping out of his seat, he headed down the stairs to see what was going on. When he got down to the ground, he looked under the plane and saw the man holding the dog’s leash while it pissed on his front tire. Seriously, the dog was relieving itself on his plane’s front tire! Brent wasn’t very hip on that, either, so he told the guy, “You’re dog shouldn’t be peeing on my tire.” The guy responded, “He’s just relieving himself; he’ll be done in a minute.” Brent insisted, “No, really, I don’t want your dog peeing on my plane.” The guy finally jerked the leash and the dog stopped peeing on the tire. Eventually the guy finished walking his dog and headed back to the stairs to board the plane, all under Brent’s watchful eye.

When Brent got back on board the plane, he was informed that he had just mixed words with a rather famous individual. Remember, the flight was going to Butte, Montana. Guess who lives there? Evil Knievel. Yep, Brent had just told off Evil Knievel.

In other news, I received this email the other day with the header “This will make you feel very big.” Here’s what it included:






It made me think of Monty Python’s Galaxy Song.

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