I was out of town most of last week filming a project. Over the last three years or so I maintained a simple website offering to transfer VHS tapes to DVD for people (I’ve since taken the site down). Through that site I met a sculptor, Bob, who leads a team of toy sculptors to Columbus every summer to spend a week sculpting butter. With my interest in video editing and such, he asked me a few months ago if I was interested in filming the sculpting process (for pay, of course). I didn’t really realize the time commitment involved at the time (and I have a hard time turning people down), so I said yes.

We headed up to Columbus on the 17th and spent the next four days there as well, returning in the afternoon on Friday, the 21st. I now have 7+ hours of footage to sift through to create a few videos for the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council Mid East to use for promoting the butter sculptures. I can’t reveal what they sculpted at this point. But if you’re interested, stay tuned to your local news channel as they are likely to carry some of the footage I shot and edited if/when they cover the Ohio State Fair.

I realize this has nothing to do with sociology, my dissertation, getting a job, or teaching at Raymond Walters next year – all things I should be working on… Oh well; I’ll get back to those tasks in a couple of days, after I finish editing the footage…

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  1. Indeed! I think it will fill out my teaching resume nicely, which should help as I start applying for jobs…

  2. I didn’t realize you got the RWC gig next year. Right on — you were hoping for that, yes?

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