We went to the Shadowbox Cabaret this past Wednesday with a few of Debi’s co-workers. It’s the second time we’ve been and, as was the case with the first time, it was an enjoyable experience. They have decent food and, while the band is a bit loud, the sketches they performed were mostly funny (a few flopped). If you live in the Cincinnati area and haven’t been to the Shadowbox, you may want to give it a try some time… It’s a different night out.

Oh, and if you’ve been, what did you think? I’m especially interested in any thoughts on the music by, say, a local Cincinnati musician (Dave?)…

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  1. Thanks for the input! I thought they were pretty good, but then I don’t claim any real expertise in the area. I couldn’t really compare them to other local bands as I don’t know the music scene in Cincinnati at all.

  2. I haven’t been, so I’m not much help. 😉 I don’t know any of the musicians who involved, nor did I recognize their names last time I looked, but given the scarcity of steady paying music gigs, I gotta think they’re pretty good.

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