Debi and I came up with some new costumes for Halloween this year. We were really excited about them, but we are guessing most people can’t guess who/what Debi is without seeing my costume. So, here it goes. Here’s a photo in Debi in her costume. The first person to guess it will receive…. A Canon MP3000 printer (if you want it). And if no one guesses, I’ll post my picture and then see if anyone can guess it. Happy guessing:

orion slave girl

For those who can’t tell that she is an Orion slave girl, here’s the second part of the costume – me!

ryan and debi

Admittedly I don’t make a very good James Tiberius Kirk (I’d be a better Riker from TNG, but Debi won’t dress up ad Deanna L’Troi [sic]). And one more picture, from the newer series – Enterprise – showing the source for her costume:

orion slave girls

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9 Replies to “Halloween costume guessing game”

  1. We figured you’d get it. Congrats! I’ll send you the printer if you want?!? I’ll add my picture now so everyone will see how it looked with both of us 😉

  2. Is she Mrs. Hulk? Making you Mr. Hulk. Or maybe she’s the Hulk’s sister. She’s not Heavenly Mother is she? I heard she was green.

  3. May Bob bless us all!

    I didn’t know you were a Trekkie/Trekker too! I’m thinking of starting a 12 step program, “Hi, I’m Ryan, and I’m a Trekkie…” “Welcome, Ryan!”

  4. Damn it! And to think all of those nights after washing cars at Heiner Ford, spent watching Star Trek with Tom Heiner and Kris Carrigan didn’t pay off for me. It’s a damn good thing I have a printer that works just fine. I was doing it for bragging rights. Oh well, Bob bless you anyway!

  5. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I did watch it nearly everyday for a year or so. It’s a guilty pleasure of sorts.
    “Hi Ryan!”

  6. We figured the first of the twins to check the site would guess it. I was hoping more people would give it a go before you two showed up with your encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek. Oh well.

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