Kevin Eigelbach, a religion columnist with The Cincinnati Post, wrote an article a couple weeks ago talking about a new law floating around Capital Hill (The Public Expression of Religion Act). In the column he mentioned Edwin Kagin, a local leader in the atheist movement. I liked the column, with one exception – Eigelbach said Kagin was wrong in his beliefs toward deity. Taking a small amount of umbrage, I wrote to Eigelbach and told him that I appreciated the attention to the law but that he shouldn’t be so certain that Kagin is wrong. Well, Eigelbach was kind enough to include quotes from my email in this week’s column, along with my name (death threats are already in the mail I’m sure…). All death threats aside, I am proud to announce that I have officially entered the Invisible Pink Unicorn into the archives of the Cincinnati Post! This should be a proud moment for freethinkers everywhere…

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2 Replies to “I’m in the Cincinnati Post!”

  1. Good work. I hope the hate mail isn’t too hateful. Maybe Jesus would send hate mail! Damn, how do you win?

  2. Well done. Years ago, Amy was quoted in an article as being pro-choice. Boyo, were the letters we received at home interesting. 😉

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