We had a massive snowstorm last night – dumped at least 6″ to 8″ of snow. I know any family members I have in Utah who read this will laugh at that. But you have to understand that the amount of snow is relative to the region – 6″ to 8″ in Cincinnati is like 2 to 3 feet in Morgan, UT (where I grew up). That’s a lot of snow. It will probably all be gone by tomorrow (not likely, but you never know here), but it sure is wreaking havoc today. I just spent the last 2 hours shoveling our parking area so I can be sure to make it to my classes today (which might still be canceled).

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3 Replies to “Oh to live in Florida…”

  1. Snow vs. hurricanes? Hmmm… good point. I guess we didn’t have a million people evacuating last night, just 100,000 awful drivers – which is almost as bad…

    And, yes, the headline was intentional. People “in the know” will get the innuendo… Everyone else, well, they’ll have to wait until I make a formal announcement 😉

  2. But would you trade snow for hurricanes? There’s nothing quite like evacuating with a million people to higher ground to make you appreciate a foot or two of snow! 😉

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