So, my web hosting company I’ve used for the past two years suddenly decided they didn’t want my business anymore. I went to post a book review on my blog yesterday and my website was gone, replaced by an advertisement for their company (the host was, which I definitely don’t recommend after this fiasco). In a panic, I tried to contact them (they don’t have a phone number anywhere on their site). I submitted a help ticket only to have it closed with a note indicating I was abusing their system. According to the information they gave me, I was putting too much of a load on their server. Any readers I have are quite aware of the fact that I haven’t been posting but rarely these days. If I’m putting too much load on their server they should probably get a server that’s a little newer than, say, the 1970s (and, yes, I know there were no web servers in the 1970s).

So, booted from their service, I decided now was as good a time as any to go ahead and put up the new URL I had been considering for quite a while. has served me well for a long time, but we came up with it back when we imagined we would use the website mostly for work related stuff (i.e., genetics and sociology=genesoc). Since I had a personal blog on it, it didn’t make much sense. So, I’m keeping the URL for work related stuff in the future, but am moving all of our personal stuff to this new URL.

While I was at it, I figured I’d switch to a new theme, too, just for fun. If you regularly read the website using the RSS feed, you may want to update your feed reader with the new feed address (sorry for the trouble, but it should only take a minute of your time):

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