My Uncle, Stan Winston, offered to let my extended family take a tour of his studio while we were out there. I’m always hesitant to ask, as I know Stan is extremely busy. But most of my family was interested, so we took him up on his offer. What’s more, my cousin, Matt, offered to take us on the tour himself. We dropped Rosemary off to spend the afternoon with Shalynn and Anderson, then headed up to Van Nuys for a tour. Matt was, of course, greatly entertaining. And we lucked out as Stan was there and invited us all up to his office to meet him despite his extremely busy schedule. The tour was, as always, amazing. There is always so much going on there. You can see more info. on Stan’s studios here.

After the tour we went back to Scott and Shalynn’s then went to Marie Callendar’s for dinner. Debi always likes Marie Callendar’s, as she loves their potato cheese soup. However, when she tried it this time, she finally had to admit that my version of potato cheese soup is now better than Marie Callendar’s, something I’ve been trying to accomplish for a long time. I’m hoping this means we don’t have to go to Marie Callendar’s now every time we go back to Utah.

With early flights home for all of us the next day, we headed home early and spent the evening packing. And so ended our brief summer vacation in California.

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