I spent the day at Trinity College, a non-sectarian private, liberal arts school in Hartford. I presented some of my research than sat in on a brainstorming session with the researchers who did the ARIS study working on new questions to ask in a follow-up survey. It was very cool to spend time with such well-known researchers.

The lead researcher took me on a tour of the campus. It’s enormous considering the enrollment is only a couple thousand students. It’s also very posh – some of the buildings are extremely nice.

Debi slept most of the day then went out for a late lunch with Steve then shopped for a bit. When I got back from Hartford we had a late dinner in a Princeton pub before calling it a night. It was actually quite an eventful day for me, but mostly in ways that would bore the average reader… So I’ll keep those details to myself.

(Note: I’m not mentioning the names of the researchers because I don’t know if they want to be mentioned in my blog and I try to keep work issues out for professional reasons.)

Teaser for Tomorrow: Who had the luck of avoiding the nasty Florida blackout of ’08 but ended up circling Tampa’s airport for an hour? (no point offering a reward on this one… it’s Debi and I)

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