Debi is pretty sure she can feel the baby moving as of today.  It’s a much better feeling than the baby insisting she expel her leftover ravioli from dinner the other night. 🙁

Here’s how the conversation went when she told me she felt movement:

Debi: The baby is moving.

Ryan: Where to? Do you think it will be happier there?

She did laugh.  I’m amazed she finds my humor funny.

We have the 20 week ultrasound this week, which means we should find out the sex in a couple days.

On a different front, I just got back from a week long trip to Hartford, CT.  I was working with the people who conduct the American Religious Identification Survey.  I flew up last Sunday and started to develop flu-like symptoms Monday morning.  Oh, and my 2 year-old laptop (Acer Aspire 5600) decided to stop working.  I ended up buying a new laptop up there just so I could get my work done.  The flu-like symptoms continued the whole time I was there and I finally scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the day I got back to Tampa.  Not the flu…  Kidney infection.  Blech!  Not fun!  Anyway, healing quickly.

While there, something funny happened, which was blogged about by one of the other people who was there.  Rather than repeat what he wrote, I’ll just send you to his website.

Classes start again on Tuesday.

This post needs a funny picture.  How about this random picture of a kid with funky hair:

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