First, a couple photos from the hospital.  Here is Toren sleeping with the cookies Debi’s family sent:


They may not have filled him up, but they kept Debi happy.

Here’s a shot of Toren’s first feeding and diapering sheet:


We were supposed to track every time he ate, what he ate, whether he had a wet or soiled diaper, etc.  You see that greenish brown stuff toward the upper left – yep, that’s from the 3-diaper change incident I mentioned in my previous post – he shot it all the way across the baby holder and on to the card. Should I be proud of him for that kind of defecating power?

Here’s one more that is more a memory of the hospital since we’re now home – the bracelets/anklets that we wore:


Debi had two, I had one, and Toren had two, with tags hanging off them.  We cut them off last night once we got home.

Speaking of coming home from the hospital… I periodically joke that Toren is more of a Morgan than a Cragun because he has some traits that Debi has.  First, he loves to sleep (hooray!).  Second, he hates to be cold – HATES IT!  And third, he hates any kind of change.  (Yeah, these are probably traits all babies behave, but Debi shares them while I don’t.)  So, as we got him ready to come home yesterday, we switched him into a new outfit.  He seemed okay with the new outfit: a short-sleeved onesy with animals on it.  Then we put him in his car seat and he went crazy!  I’m not sure he cried that much when they cut his foreskin off!  We eventually got him to calm down with a pacifier, but he still didn’t seem too happy.  We made it home before the final melt down.  The new outfit, car seat, and now new digs must have been too much for him.  Lucky for us, some swift feeding action combined with a swaddling got him resettled and he eventually calmed down.  Phew!

He seems to have now adjusted enough that I was able to snap a few photos today.  I put him down today after his early morning feeding.  His hands seemed a little cold, so I put some socks on them.  Twenty minutes later I found him like this:


Yep, socks on the hands not going to happen.

Later, after a feeding, I was able to snap a few shots with his onesy off.  It was the first time he’s been calm enough and warm enough to not freak out when he doesn’t have anything but a diaper on.  Looking at the photos now makes me want to caption them all with what he must be thinking.  You’re welcome to attempt your own captions:

Belly full, arms by my face, I can handle this!
I could wake up; let me think about that...

I call this next sequence: The Many Faces of Toren

Just wait to see what's in my diaper!
I'm just a little bothered.
Nah, I don't wanna!
You think you're something?
I'm the poop shooting champion of the world!
You don't even warrant seeing all of my tongue, just the tip!
Meet the tip of my tongue!
We call this one "drunk baby".  It's how he looks when he's completely full and ready to sleep.
We call this one "drunk baby". It's how he looks when he's completely full and ready to sleep.
Look, no teeth!  (it's a yawn, actually; he's not crying)
Look, no teeth! (it's a yawn, actually; he's not crying)

The next few are a sequence that made me think he was telling a story, kind of like a comic strip.  So, try reading the captions that way:

Do you smell that?  It's awful!
Do you smell that? It's awful!
Well, it's really not that bad.
Well, it's really not that bad.
It's actually quite tolerable.
It's actually quite tolerable.
Doh!  I was wrong - that's pungent!
Doh! I was wrong - that's pungent!
You know what, I think that smell may be me...
You know what, I think that smell may be me...
Wowser!  It is me!  I stink!
Wowser! It is me! I stink!
Maybe if I hold my breath, no one will notice...
Maybe if I act like nothing happened, no one will notice...

Okay, not the best comic strip, but what do you expect from a sleep-deprived father.

Here are a few other fun photos:


I shot this one then realized, “Wow, I’m a giant!”

We were trying to get him to show off his baby muscles in this one:


Yeah, no luck.  He’s a bit pear-shaped. It’s all good though – Debi loves pears.

And here he is napping.  It’s not the best picture, but I didn’t want to use the flash for fear of waking him up:


At some point I’ll post some pictures of Debi with Toren, but she hasn’t been willing to let me yet.

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2 Replies to “Toren photos and a comic”

  1. Dad and I loved the pics. What an adorable baby!!!! The comic strip was a lot of fun also. Loved the dialogue he had with himself. It looked just like that was what he was thinking. 🙂 What a great treat to send cookies. Rosemary is always a step ahead of the crowd. What a woman. Love to all of you.

  2. Man he’s cute. You know some newborns just don’t have it but he’s a little stud! I loved the dialogue, keep it coming. That’s actually one of our favorite games too, because you know that eating, sleeping and pooping are all they think about. Sadly enough, now it’s all you will think about for awhile too. Our hearts are with you and we’re so happy for you. Keep the pics and comic strips coming, they’re great.

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