Toren has now had four visitors – our neighbors, Amber and Justin, came over Saturday night and our other neighbors, Rich and Sally, came over last night.  We should have taken photos of them holding Toren, but we forgot.  Oh well, I have other fun photos for you today.

Here’s one, not of Toren, but of something Toren produced just for you:


I call this “The World’s Worst Sausage.”  In case you can’t tell what it is, it’s a neatly tied bundle of Toren’s dirty diapers (thanks to the Diaper Genie II Elite).  Yum.

I have also forgotten to share our most recent fun Toren story.  I know children have a reflex that causes them to flail their arms out if they feel like they are falling or startled (called the Moro Reflex).  Toren’s Moro reflex is a little on the sensitive side.  He startles at pretty much everything.  He flails his arms at loud sounds, at sudden lights, or if you pick him, scoot him a little, or even set him down.  So, the other day I was holding him after he had just finished feeding.  He was calm and relaxed.  Then, he farted – his arms flew out and his eyes opened wide!!!  Yep.  He had just startled himself by farting.  I’m not sure I’ve ever farted so powerfully that it scared me, but Toren has!

Toren also had a busy day today.  He started the day with a 9:45 visit to the pediatrician (ours is Robyn Jacobson; her office is about a 5 minute walk from our house – about 1/2 a mile).  She’s great.  He checked out fine and has even put on some weight – 7 lbs 4 ounces (that’s 6 ounces above his birth weight).  He’s no taller (20 inches), but his head circumference was a bit different from the one in the hospital (12 3/4 in the hospital; 14 3/4 today).  I doubt his head circumference increased by 2 inches in 6 days.  It’s more likely that the initial measurement was off because his head was so cone-shaped when he was born.

He does seem to have gotten used to the car seat, enough so that he fell asleep in it:

not the best photo; I took it with my phone camera

After the visit with the pediatrician we stopped by Babies R Us to pick up a few more items, then stopped at Burger King for lunch.  We figured it was time to introduce Toren to one of the few fast food restaurants that caters to vegetarians.  He got hungry just when we did, so Debi fed him at Burger King.  His skinny little legs seem to stick out pretty much wherever we put him:

Debi feeding Toren at BK

We made a couple more stops then headed home.  Not bad for his first day outside of the house and hospital.

I do have one more photo for this post.  His legs and feet are pretty adorable.  Whenever he’s cold he pulls them up and wraps them around his groin.  His flexibility is pretty remarkable.  I snapped a photo of him doing just that this morning before I changed his diaper:


You can see the little present he had waiting for me this morning too.

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