During our walking tour of Scientology-ville (a.k.a. Clearwater, FL; more on this to come), we stopped at a Baskin Robbins for some ice cream (it was pretty hot and muggy).  Inside the Baskin Robbins Toren suddenly woke up and started looking around all bug-eyed.  Since the kid is generally asleep, to see his eyes open that wide was strange.  Luckily I had the camera out:

Bug Eyes 6-21-2009 5-45-34

I’m not sure what got into him (I’d say he was excited about the prospect of ice cream, but his mom won’t let him try it), but he did remind us of Bugsy from the recent Adam Sandler film, Bedtime Stories:


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2 Replies to “Wowser!”

  1. Holy cow he really does look like him!  That’s great!  I’m glad you had you’re camera, the likeness is unreal! Thanks for the birthday card btw!  I will definitely take the message to heart!

  2. That was terrific.  I am so happy that you keep the camera handy for such great shots.  Keep them coming and I love the captions you put under a lot of them.  Love forever

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