The reason we did another photoshoot wasn’t to celebrate that Toren is now a month old (remarkable that we’ve kept him alive that long, really…), but to capture him with his Grandmary:

second photoshoot 6-29-2009 4-10-33 PM

second photoshoot 6-29-2009 4-14-25 PM

second photoshoot 6-29-2009 4-12-1

second photoshoot 6-29-2009 4-11-27 PM

second photoshoot 6-29-2009 4-11-04 PM

second photoshoot 6-29-2009 4-10-41 PM

Unfortunately, I got the lighting wrong for these photos and they ended up coming out with a yellowish tint.  I tried fixing them using software, but never could get a could get rid of the yellow entirely.  Luckily, we did snap a few more photos before Rosemary headed home.  Here’s a candid of Rosemary burping Toren:

with Rosemary 7-2-2009 9-02-54 PM

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  1. The burping one is my personal fav!!!  However, they are all great!!! Let’s hear it for grandmothers everywhere!!YEA!!!

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