I’ve been using Google Health to track Toren’s immunizations and other medical stuff (e.g., circumcision, doctor’s visits, etc.).  As I entered Toren’s updated height and weight information into Google Health, it generated a Body Mass Index score for him: 16.4.  Not remembering what that means, I visited Wikipedia to see how Toren’s BMI suggests he is doing.  According to the initial table you see on Wikipedia, a BMI below 16.5 is “severely underweight”!!

I laughed, of course, because this is what Toren looks like now:

Toren's double chin
Toren's double chin
Toren's sex belly!
Toren's sexy belly!

The BMI table in that section is for adults.  The section just below notes that those BMI calculations don’t apply to kids.  Toren, of course, is not severely underweight.  It just gave Debi and I a good laugh to think our increasingly chunky little boy is underweight.

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