Of all the footage I’ve shot so far, this clip is, by far, my favorite:

Now, before you comment about how evil I am, I have to set up the shot. We put Toren on his play mat of terror a couple days earlier and, in an effort to get him to like it, I put a toy in front of him. However, I put the toy in front of him very quickly, startling him in the process. That was the first time we saw him get scared and cry as a result. It was so adorable that I had to get it on film. So, I convinced Debi to let me scare him and film it. She relented because she, too, admits he is absolutely adorable. It’s sad, but oh so cute!

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4 Replies to “The World’s Meanest Dad”

  1. awww he was so cute back then and how dare you bully him and he is probly a kid by now since its a new year and not a baby no more

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