So, I think we’ve decided the Jumper isn’t going to work for Toren for a little while (props to Sharon for noting that we should probably wait until he can sit up by himself).  But before I received that advice, we put him into the Jumper one last time.  Of course, Toren is cute in the Jumper:

johnny jumper 8-16-2009 2-58-44 PM

johnny jumper 8-16-2009 2-52-26 PM

But then I took this shot:

johnny jumper 8-16-2009 2-53-25 PM

While generally much more photogenic than his parents, I was a bit horrified to see this shot.  It is, hands down, Toren’s worst photo to date.  If I were a nice dad, I’d simply delete it. But no, I have to share this photo with everyone.  It’s far too funny looking not to!

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