While in Utah my family had photos taken:

"most" of the family
"most" of the family

front row, left to right: Morgan Cragun, Amanda Cragun, McKenzie Cragun, Kennedy Cragun, Ethan Chard, Brent Cragun, Sydney Cragun, Eugenie Cragun, Toren Cragun, Connor Cragun, Brock Cragun, Karlie Rupe, Pyper Cragun

back row, left to right: Jessica Cragun (with child), Josh Cragun, Mario Chard, Wendy Chard, Trey Cragun (on the train), Jake Cragun, Corbin Rupe, Carson Rupe, Don Rupe, Tammy Rupe, Mike Cragun, Kristen Cragun, Carter Rupe (on train), Colleen Cragun, Danny Cragun, Debi Cragun, Ryan Cragun

The photos were taken at Union Station in Ogden (thus the train in the background).  There are 30 people in this photo; that’s most of my immediate family.  But there are still 11 (or 12, depending on who you count) people missing (Kevin and Katie Flaherty and their three boys – Tommy, David, and Brent; Mark and Hillari Cragun and their three children –  Miyu, Montana, and Niyah; Troy and his former wife, Angie).  The current total is 41, soon to be 42 with my brother’s child due in November.

We also had individual family photos done:

cragun family photos 8-2-2009 5-18-14 AM

cragun family photos 8-2-2009 5-20-53 AM

cragun family photos 8-2-2009 5-21-50 AM

cragun family photos 8-2-2009 5-22-49 AM

I like this last one.  Apparently it was one of the photographer’s favorites…

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  1. I’m trying to get ahold of Brent Cragun, and I stumbled on this site somehow. My husband is Shane Constable and he has worked with Brent in the past and needs his help again. Could you give me Brent’s current phone number? Or, email me and I’ll give you Shane’s phone number and ask Brent to contact him. I’d REALLY appreciate it!!! Love the family picture, by the way. What a legacy! -Margie

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