Some of the faculty at my University get together for happy hour at Bella’s in South Tampa on Friday’s at 4.  Debi and I were out running a few errands on Friday and decided to stop by briefly with Toren.  One of my colleagues (props to Steve) snapped a couple of photos with his iPhone:

Toren at happy hour 9-4-2009 4-42-09 PM

It’s pretty clear Toren’s been slamming them back in this first photo.  He looks a bit tipsy.  It’s a good thing Debi is holding him.

He seems to be holding his liquor better in this next one:

Toren at happy hour 9-4-2009 4-42-16 PM

(Note: We obviously didn’t give Toren anything to drink; we don’t even get alcoholic drinks when we visit.  Apparently he was just in the mood to pretend like he was drinking!)

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