It is true that I asked Debi how old Toren has to be before I can have him mow the lawn (we’re still negotiating that one).  I don’t mind mowing it, but it sure would be nice to have someone else mow it for free!

Of course, Debi will tell you I plan on making Toren work like a slave (which is only partially true), but what she misleadingly won’t tell you is that she is actually a big fan of letting kids help as she firmly believes that kids want to help, not just watch (we’ll see; thoughts anyone with kids?).

So, taking her advice, I put Toren to work the other morning helping me make New York style crumbcake for breakfast:

Toren cooking with Dad 9-5-2009 7-23-39 AM

Admittedly his contribution was a bit minor, but it was nice to have ready access to my spatula when I needed it.

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  1. What a good little helper. I love it, he just gets more adorable every day. Ethan asks to see “new Baby Toren” everyday and I just realized today what he was saying. He wanted to see the new picture of Toren up here on your blog. We both love your posts.

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