It’s time for some more stuffed animal photos.  Toren received a very cute stuffed bear we named “Carol” (see, I may not like it when Toren looks too feminine, but I’m cool with him having a female stuffed bear).  Here he’s hanging with Carol:

Toren with Carol 9-4-2009 7-50-15 AM

I love Toren in this next one.  It’s like he thinks we caught him doing something naughty (and no, Carol is not anatomically correct):

Toren with Carol 9-4-2009 7-50-43 AM

Alas, Toren’s interest in Carol was relatively short-lived.  He is still enamored with his favorite “toy” at the moment – HANDS!

Toren with Carol 9-4-2009 7-51-05 AM
these things are amazing; they're always with me and they fit perfectly in my mouth

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