As I mentioned in the last post, Toren’s talking is too cute not to film. I have quite a bit of footage of him doing this (you’ll see a bit more, lucky you). Here he is not wrapped up just chatting with his mobile.

On a different note, I should explain the fact that the title includes the word “caged.” Obviously we don’t keep Toren in a cage – it’s a crib. But it kind of looks like a cage. And since he can’t climb up and out, for all intents and purposes no ceiling is required; ergo, it’s a cage.

Now, since I’m mildly insane, I like to call things what they are. Toren’s “crib” is really a “cage,” just like his play-yard will be a cage once we put him in it. The other labels are certainly cuter, but they don’t reflect the real intention of the furniture – cribs are designed to keep babies in, as are play-yards. If the goal of a piece of furniture is to trap someone inside, I call it a cage, not a bed or play-yard. What can I say; I’m weird like that.

On a related note, do any other parents out there openly suggest things that are clearly bad ideas for your children? Or is this just another reflection of my insanity? For instance, a few weeks ago I kept picking up things that I thought would make particularly “good” toys for Toren. It started with the plastic bag that Toren’s new walker shipped in. When I finished putting the walker together, I put Toren in it and was left with the large shipping bag. Printed all over it were warnings about keeping it away from children, but I couldn’t help but suggest that it would be a fun toy for him (much to my mother-in-law’s dismay). About 20 minutes later I was modifying Toren’s Johnny Jump-up and had my razor blade in my hand. I proceeded to suggest that, too, would make a great toy for Toren. A few hours after that Debi cut my hair while Toren watched. As I swept it up afterward I thought out-loud, “Now this pile of hair, that would make a great toy for Toren.” Obviously I’m not insane enough to actually let Toren play with any of these things, but I get a weird pleasure from suggesting these would make good toys.

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