Toren likes sitting up so much, I decided (yes, I decided, not Debi) to get him a Bumbo.  But before we bought it, we decided to try it out in the store:

Toren in Babies R Us 10-9-2009 7-48-45 PM

Little did I realize at the time that I was sending Toren down an evil path – the path of CONSUMPTION!  Toren is, of course, staring directly at a wall of bath toys.  We put him in the Bumbo not thinking about where he would look, but that’s what drew his attention.  Argghhh!

How it all begins… 🙁

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3 Replies to “Consumer Culture”

  1. He’s more interested in the novelty and colors than the actual item. Don’t worry about consumption. If you get/make him one toy he’ll be just as happy and won’t be so distracted by everything else that he’ll be able to enjoy it.

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