I discussed this in an earlier post, but here’s footage of Toren eating his first “solid” food:

As you can see, the food is far from “solid”.  It’s basically colored water.  As naive and anal parents, we followed the instructions on the rice cereal box exactly and what you see in the video is the result.  I spent a good 15 minutes trying to feed Toren soup with a baby spoon. For those who don’t know, baby spoons aren’t really spoons – they’re flat pieces of rubber, as this photo shows (obviously not Toren):

a baby "spoon"
a baby “spoon”

As you can see in the video, feeding a baby soupy rice cereal with a baby “spoon” is like trying to hammer a nail with cooked spaghetti – wrong tool for the job.  You’ll see in future videos that the problem here isn’t the spoon – it works fine.  It was the consistency of the cereal.

As a thought for any future parents reading this…  As I’m not a pediatrician, I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t follow the directions on the box and make your baby’s first “solid” food a soupy concoction, but it does seem like a remarkable waste of time in retrospect.

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