While we were waiting for the doctor at Toren’s 6-month checkup I had an idea. If you know me at all, you should be saying to yourself at this point, “Oh no, what is he going to do to his son…” If you don’t know me, well, that’s what you should say.

I mentioned a while back that I bought Toren some rings, not as toys but to attach his toys to various things (e.g., his carseat, his walker, etc.). They have functioned as toys and Toren still seems to like playing with them on occasion. Because he still likes them, we keep some in the diaper bag. As I pulled them out for him to play with them, the idea struck me – with three of these linked together, the rings kind of look like… wait for it… handcuffs. So, what do I do? I handcuff my baby. Here I am putting them on him:

And here he is handcuffed:

I can’t tell for sure what he’s thinking in the second photo. It’s got to be one of the following:

  • “Mom, did you really just let Dad put me in handcuffs?”
  • “My Dad is insane!”
  • “I’m handcuffs and you’re taking a picture?”
  • “How embarrassing… Photographed in nothing but handcuffs and my diaper.”

Lest my readers think I’m mean, it took him all of 30 seconds to pull his hands out of the cuffs.  I really do think he just thought we were weird for tormenting him while he tried to play with his rings.

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