I have more photos and videos coming, but a couple of incidents have stuck out lately that I thought were worth writing down.

First, the sentimental one. Debi has class late on Wednesday, which makes that my night to put Toren down. He usually eats solid foods around 6:00 then has his bottle (or Debi feeds him) around 7:30, then falls asleep around 8:00. Around 7:30 on Wednesday I gave him his bottle, which he loves, and cuddled up with him on the couch. He reclines slightly in my arm while he drinks his bottle. He finished it in about 10 minutes (he takes his time), then sat there softly babbling to himself for another 10 to 15 minutes. It was a very cute moment. My son was just relaxing in my arms, feeling secure with his Dad.

Second, the funny-ish one. I had Toren for several hours yesterday while Debi took care of some class-related stuff then went to the ballet. I took Toren shopping, making two stops. I forgot to take him any real toys and we were gone for about 2 hours. I improvised and gave him various items I had around the car (an accessory to his carseat, a child mirror, etc.), but what he ended up playing with more than anything else were… his socks! Yep, every time I’d put him in his car seat, he’d take off one sock, play with it, then toss it and take off the other, then play with it. I caught him at one stoplight slowly trying to pull his sock apart when he found a lose thread. At another stoplight I saw him raising a sock into the air as though it were a championship trophy. Who needs toys when you have socks!

As far as milestones go, he’s still not technically crawling (on his knees), but he’s getting very good at his army crawling and is starting to explore. He can cover quite a distance now and is starting to get into things (garbage cans, cupboards, etc.). He is also starting to pull himself up from a seated position to a standing position, though he’s still pretty wobbly standing holding on to stuff.

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