Toren’s favorite activity these days is to walk.  He holds our fingers and walks all over the place.  He’s hilarious in how he goes about this.  When he is ready to walk, he puts his hands up near his ears, which is his way of communicating to us that he is ready for our fingers to be placed in his hands so he can lift himself up to a walking position and start walking.  He can also be particularly choosy about which finger he wants to hold.  Sometimes it’s the index finger; sometimes it’s the middle finger.  He has even shown a preference for thumbs on occasion.  And if he doesn’t get the right finger, he won’t start walking.  He also has preferences for who walks him – sometimes he prefers Debi; sometimes he prefers me.  If we try to switch without him knowing, he almost immediately figures it out, stops, and cries until we switch back.

While walking him around our front room one night, I stood in front of him and walked backward rather than standing behind him walking forward.  As I neared one end of the front room I stopped and Toren thought it would be funny to step on my foot instead of just stopping as well.  Thinking it would be fun, once he stepped on I lifted him up with my foot.  Et voila – a new game was born.  Now, whenever I walk backwards with him, if I stop he immediately steps on one of my feet, expecting a ride on my foot.  The best part about this – he was the one who stepped on my foot originally.  I’m pretty impressed with my son’s creativity!

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