As I noted in my post yesterday, Toren’s favorite activity these days is walking around with our help.  On the weekends, Debi and I take turns watching Toren so the other person can work.  Toren is perfectly happy playing with me, but he periodically wants to go see Debi.  So, he’ll occasionally grab my fingers and walk to the office.  Debi typically closes the door so we don’t disturb her.  Here’s where Toren has impressed me.  When the door is closed, he’ll walk right up to it, then turn around and let go with one hand and try to climb up my leg.  That’s how he tells me that he wants me to pick him up.  When I do, he leans toward the doorknob.  Ten months old and he knows what doorknobs do!  I’m sure that’s common, but it seems pretty remarkable to me – he can’t walk on his own or talk (or even crawl that well), but he knows what doorknobs do.

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  1. Why waste time when there is sooo much to learn–get to the hard stuff fast…so much to do and soooo little time!!

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