I took Toren for a ride in the car while I ran some errands.  I took Debi’s car as it is easier to get him in and out in his rear-facing car seat in a 4 door car than in my 2 door.  On the way to our first stop, Toren reached up with his left hand, grabbed the sunshade, and held on to it.  He was tired, so he fell asleep… But he wouldn’t let go of the sunshade.  Every time his arm relaxed to the point that he let go of the sunshade, it would wake him back up.  He’d immediately reach back up for it, grab on, then fall back asleep.  He did that for almost 30 minutes (I stopped to wash the car and watched him do it the entire time I was washing the car).  Not sure what was up with the sunshade that day, but it was funny to watch.

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