Debi told me a story about Toren today over dinner.  She stays with him in the infant room at daycare for a half hour or so when she drops him off and then visits for a half hour or so around lunch time.  All Toren wants to do at the moment is walk, holding on to our fingers.  The workers at the daycare don’t let him do this, so that’s about all Debi does with him when she’s there as that is Toren’s favorite thing to do.

The kids closest in age to Toren have recently been moved to the transition room (from infants to toddlers).  On a side note, one of them was moved because he was a bit too aggressive with the other babies – he would crawl or roll to the really young babies then nonchalantly start chewing on them with his new teeth.  It wasn’t meant to be malicious, but the little one’s were not fans of becoming fare for one of their roommates.

Anyway, back to Toren…  Since all of the kids older than Toren have been moved from the infant room (Toren will likely move up in a month or so), he is now the oldest and most developed kid in his room.  Ergo, the younger kids now watch him, whereas he used to watch the older kids.  Toren seems to like the attention and seems to like interacting with the younger kids.

Apparently Toren led Debi over to one of his admiring young followers today.  Looming over this young infant, Toren stopped, then proceeded to roar!!!

Were not sure what he was doing, but it was probably just Toren playing around (he has started to do that at this point).  The infant didn’t seem to mind at all, though the teachers in the daycare weren’t particularly ecstatic with his behavior.  We thought it was funny!

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