Two days ago I was preparing to shave in our bathroom while Debi showered.  Toren was sitting on the mat outside the bathroom playing with toys.  This is a pretty common scenario around here these days.  I was keeping an eye on Toren while I lathered on the shaving cream.  When I was ready to start shaving, I looked at Toren and he was facing away from the shower playing with some blocks.  I turned to the mirror and passed the razor across my neck a couple times, then looked back toward Toren and…

He had turned toward the shower (180 degree turn), inched over to the small barrier into the shower that is about a foot high, and had pulled himself to a standing position.  He was just getting ready to reach for the shower curtain when I saw him.

Granted, Toren was fine.  He had not slipped or fallen.  He wasn’t in any serious danger – though the shower is tile and the top of the barrier into the shower is marble, which would not have made for a pleasant fall if he did fall.  I was just astonished at how fast he can move now: from sitting to standing in what had to have been less than 10 seconds.  Scary!

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