I’m probably reading way too much into this at this point, but we think Toren is finally starting to associate words with meanings.  He’s been babbling “dada” for months.  I respond to it whenever he does, but I’m not quite sure he uses it to refer to me, though sometimes it seems like he might.  In the last week he has finally started saying “mama,” and it does seem like he says it generally when he is looking for Debi or when Debi is around.  So, maybe?  The last one that is new is “nana.”  This is also new in the last week and we’re not sure what it means.  I think it may be his alternative word for “mama” but Debi’s convinced that it’s either “food” or “milk.”

As I said above, I’m probably reading too much into this.  However, I’m really, really excited by the prospect of Toren speaking.  He’s certainly cute right now.  And he is starting to understand some of the stuff we say (I can tell him to find “mom” and he’ll go find her; he is also pretty good at finding his beach ball).  But I’d really like to know what he is thinking.  It will happen, but it can’t happen too soon!

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  1. Be careful what you wish for!!!:-) I couldn’t wait for you to speak and know what you were thinking also!!! lol

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