I’ve mentioned that Toren loves to walk – that’s all he wants to do with us.  He now does it holding on to one finger with one hand so he can use the other to carry stuff around.

Last Wednesday, the day I pick Toren up from daycare, I watched him let go of his toy box and walk a couple of steps to his alphabet train (the world’s most annoying toy that I bought him solely because he could use it to walk, hopefully saving my back in the process).  Seeing him take a couple steps on his own gave me an idea.  Later in the evening, I was sitting on the floor playing with him.  I picked him up and set him down a few feet from me.  I was sitting down on the floor still, but when I let go of him, he was a few feet from my hands.  He stood there, wary, the first time, then took three or four steps before kind of falling into my arms.  He’s not really walking walking, but close enough for me.  We did it a few more times, then I showed Debi when she got home and he walked back and forth between us a few times.  He’s not ready to let go of us for good, but he’s awfully close to walking on his own.

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