Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking with Leonora LaPeter Anton at the St. Petersburg Times about the pill mill/pain management center that was behind my house.  Her story hit the paper today: Pill mill’s demise brings relief to neighbors.  Here’s the picture from that story:

me in the St. Petersburg Times

Apparently my picture is in the print edition as well.

Oh, and Channel 8 here locally interviewed me for a brief story as well that aired on the 24th.

I’ve had several people jokingly tell me I’m famous from all the attention this has been getting.  I blew it off as I highly doubted anyone would really think of me as famous.  Friday kind of drove home how widespread the attention has been.  I was walking Toren over to a nearby Chinese restaurant to pick up some take out food for dinner.  As I was leaving the restaurant, a car pulled up to a stop sign as we were crossing the street.  The driver was probably in his late 60s.  He rolled down his window and said, “Hey, are you the guy from TV?”  Stunned, I sputtered out, “Yeah, I guess.”  He then said, “That is so awesome!  I’m so happy you did what you did.  I live around here and hated that place.  I’m so glad to see they’re gone.  Thank you!  Oh, and your son is really adorable.”  He then drove off.

I’ve had a number of people from work mention they saw the news coverage and even had a nurse at the ENT place where I get my allergy shots thank me for standing up to this place.  Apparently people do watch the news!

Despite the attention, I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite documentaries, The UP Series, which is a multi-part documentary that tracks the lives of 10 or so British kids, starting when they were 7 in 1964, all the way through today.  In that series, one of the people who is tracked becomes a college professor.  And in one of the later episodes, he says, “My goal in life is to be more famous for my research than for being in this film.”  That’s exactly how I feel about this pain management clinic.  Yes, I’m glad it was shut down, but I never wanted that to be my claim to fame.  Hopefully my research will eventually get more press than this.

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  1. Congratulations! You’ll be famous for more than this, but helping put the spotlight on a shady supply chain is definitely worth being famous.

  2. Actually, maybe this one act alone will save lives or in the least change some that you will never know about- I think it is great that you stood up for something that was very important instead of hoping that someone else would.

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