Toren can walk!  I mentioned a few posts back that he was walking between Debi and I.  Now, he’s just simply walking:

The video above shows a bunch of his moves. He walks, sits, stands, crawls, cruises, bends over to pick stuff up, etc. He’s getting mobile!!!

Apparently he walks quite a bit at daycare by himself, which makes sense since no one there will hold his hand while he walks, which we’ve been doing for months. One day this past week Debi and I were in the kitchen preparing breakfast while Toren played with the door of the dishwasher. I stepped out of the kitchen for just a second, and when I came back, he had walked over to the refrigerator to play with his alphabet magnets. As I walked back into the kitchen and saw him at the refrigerator instead of where I left him, by the dishwasher, he looked up at me and smiled.

So, he’s still in the “Are you proud of me for walking?” stage, but he’s now walking pretty well. He still stumbles and falls on occasion, but he can pick himself right back up and try again. He still, occasionally, wants to hold one of our hands, but he’s doing that less and less.

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  1. cute as can be. Hard to believe he is one already. Hold his hand as long as you can— a day comes when he won’t no matter what. 🙁 I would love it if you still held mine!!!!

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