Apparently the “thing to do” at a first birthday party is to give your kid some of the cake and let him/her just go at it, smearing it all over him/herself.  I’ve been cued in to this tradition by various friends with kids who all have the pictures to prove to me this is, in fact, a “tradition.”  So, in the spirit of following traditions (’cause, you know me, I’m Mr. Traditional), I figured we’d give Toren a chance to have at his cake.  Here’s the result during the party:

Apparently Toren isn’t one for tradition either.

After everyone left, Toren finally got hungry (he’s just like me in this sense as well; I rarely eat at parties, usually because I’m too busy talking and don’t like eating while talking).  So, we put him in his highchair, which still had his piece of uneaten birthday cake on the tray.  Here’s the result:

Even with no one around, he didn’t particularly care for the cake.  After we gave him a chance to have his way with the cake, we gave him some fake chicken and broccoli; he gobbled that down!  Either the cake wasn’t very good (which, actually, it wasn’t the best cake I’ve ever made, but it was okay), or he just doesn’t have a thing for sweets.  Since I don’t particularly love sweets either, I’m guessing it’s the latter.  Oh well, no pictures of cake catastrophe for Toren’s first birthday.

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  1. Ethan didn’t dig his cake that first year either – I had to smear it all over his face while he cried so I could get a good shot. Good for Toren loving broccoli. I’m going to guess that birthday #2 will be a much different experience. Though Ethan was still pretty reserved in how he ate his cake, he managed to lick it clean. Give Toren a big birthday love from us!

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