Okay, this is pretty much overkill on video, but I figured I’d post these for the hard core Toren lovers out there (i.e., his grandparents), since it’s highly unlikely anyone else will sit and watch 25 minutes of Toren.  Here are three clips of Toren “opening” presents (really Toren playing with presents after Debi opened them).  This isn’t what I’d consider “exciting” video, though Toren does seem to really love the presents.  Also, you’ll notice (if you watch the videos and pay attention)  that I pass the camera to someone else, so these clips are courtesy of my friend and colleague, Bruce, whose voice you’ll hear a few times:

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  1. WHAT A PARTY!!!!! Toren looks like he had a wonderful time. Everyone should have a great party like that. Debi was so thoughtful to give the other children gifts. That was genius. Thanks for sharing the fun.

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